Brian Szeto

Class of 2022

Instagram: @bszeto_art

I have developed two different mostly separate art practices. One of which is based on self and my identity as a Chinese-American. My more developed practice is abstract work based on process, discovery, self, and form. Where I rely on process as a starting point through which my work contends and emerges. Within my process one of the most important aspects is the use of chance operations. Using it I develop interactions and interrelations that celebrate a sense of freedom and autonomy in my work. Through the use of dice, drawing numbers, etc. I commit to the results of the chance operations, such as allowing dice to dictate the order in which I place and collage pieces. Re-contextualizing myself and my story through chance and allowing things to happen creates imagery that feels stronger by allowing chance to dictate how things go. It creates a tension between my artistic choices, commitment of time, and willingness to just let things happen.