2022 Installations

The Portal

Artists: Meirav Ong (Fiber ’22) & Jae Song (4D Design ’23)

Multimedia Installation

Guests are invited to step into the portal where all stresses and worries will be released as you are washed over with grounding vibrations and soothing sounds. The Portal is a place to transport oneself to another realm. It’s a sanctuary for a mini escape, to reconnect to breath, to ground and center oneself (especially in moments when social gatherings are overwhelming).

Meirav Ong is an artist working to normalize grief, befriend darkness and make space for stillness. She creates sanctuaries for listening to elevate voices marginalized within patriarchal systems of religion through textiles, clay, sound recordings and ritualized performances. In curating experiences of intentional listening, Ong’s work subverts the silence of oppression and transforms listening into an act of resistance and defiance. 
Learn more about the artist at www.meiravong.com.
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Jae Song is an installation artist exploring liminal spaces in the physical, emotional, and spiritual, using new technologies to reinterpret and reimagine traditional rituals.
Learn more about the artist at www.jaesongbk.com.
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Net Worth

Artist: Jenna Van Fleteren (3D Design ’22)

Paracord, vinyl, PVC

The structure of Net Worth was initially inspired by sporting equipment. Growing up participating in sports, I found a love for expressive sneakers and performance footwear. I created the panels by sewing paracord to a water-soluble stabilizer in the pattern of a warped net. The construction of the panels is reminiscent of soccer goals and practice equipment. The wrapped net pattern is light weight and bright color, evoking flexibility, repetition, and illusion in both craft and sport. They flow.
Net Worth animates space by using generative, textile structures and engineered materials found in performance footwear to enhance fit, durability, and breathability. Minimalist materials and cyan, magenta, and yellow color scheme create a complex, dynamic space to express potentialities. Footwear design and craft continue to evolve with new innovative technologies and knowledge in the field of sports performance, and I’m inspired by new possibilities in the future of design and sport.

Jenna VanFleteren was born and raised in Metro Detroit, lover of the Great Lakes, coney dogs, and dancing. She works in mainly soft sculpture and installation, but experiments in other mediums and is interested in blending craft, fine art, and design. VanFleteren graduated from College for Creative Studies in Detroit, MI, in 2015 majoring in Craft and Material Studies with a focus in Fiber and Textiles. From 2015-2020, VanFleteren worked as a Footwear Material Designer at Nike in Beaverton, OR, where she designed textile patterns, structures, and processes. At Nike she was a Design Mentor for Doernbecher Freestyle in 2018, received a Shoe Dog Award for Fly Ease Running in 2019. She most recently exhibited in the graduate degree exhibition at the Cranbrook Art Museum as an MFA candidate of Cranbrook Academy of Art, 3D Design, class of 2022.
Learn more about the artist at www.jennavanfleteren.com

Fluid Spaces

Artist: Merel Noorlander (4D Design ’22)

Digital video render, projection mapping, performance
Footage shot with drones and underwater cameras at Natatorium of Cranbrook.
Directed, performed, edited and scored by Merel Noorlander
Underwater camera Nelly Kate  
Drone footage Zhuo Chen  
Advice projection mapping Motomichi Nakamura 

This STUDIO presentation is an abstraction from the life drag opera video performance with projection mapping at the Greek Theatre of Cranbrook Academy of Art, in collaboration with Brian Kovach (vocals), May 2021.

Fluid spaces is a 20 minute long projection mapped experience in a loop, created from life performances, video editing, and post processing. With projection mapping turned into a multi-faceted achievement in art, architecture and technology. Research into fluid ways of being, what does it mean to visualize queer spaces? Multiple render techniques and projection mapping activating, inhabiting site-specific places, transformed into speculative water environments. As Jack Halberstam describes.  

The swimming pool is an environment where the body becomes weightless and hovers on the surface of a submerged world; it’s a site where the body becomes buoyant, transformed by a new element, and yet must struggle, overcome by the new and potentially hostile environment. What lies beneath the sparkling surface of enhanced blue, that might take and invite us to a threshold to contemplate jumping into air bubbles and fluid spaces?

Here the focus is not on the power dynamics of the world from the outside looking in, but merely as a playground of gender, nature, and culture on the inside out.

Merel Noorlander is based in Metropolitan Detroit, MI. Currently graduating from the 4D Department, Cranbrook Academy of Art,  Noorlander’s work navigates the space between technology, social design, and performance, where they create non-normative stories and a new format of expression within a wide variety of bodily perspectives. Fundamental to their research is a focus on and aim towards collective empowerment: 

On the one hand, there are innovative kinetic installations and video performances that interweave sexuality and contemporary objects, set in both public and private domains. 

On the other hand, they develop social design and interrogate inner forces and artistic implications, renewing online dependency, identity, access, and common language, both physical and digital, in the service of the future of touch, attunement, and being at home together. 

The mission within these two primary areas is to exchange ideas on fluid spaces, transposed into a shared visual language. 

Noorlander received a BFA from the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague (NL), growing up in Amsterdam’s Red-Light District amongst self-chosen queer family, captain of their boat. Prefers coffee in trees, challenging gravity.
Learn more about the artist at www.merelnoorlander.com
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Zone Lights

Artist: Scott Klinker (3D Design Artist-in-Residence)


Part of the ‘Structures of Light’ installation, 2020 

Scott Klinker is principal of Scott Klinker Design Studio and the 3D designer-in-residence at Cranbrook Academy of Art in Michigan, where he oversees the graduate 3D design program. His practice strikes a balance between industry projects and cultural projects, working with design-driven clients such as Herman Miller, Alessi, Steelcase, Landscape Forms, Burton Snowboards, and others. His experimental and limited edition works are currently represented by Playground Detroit.​ 
Learn more about the artist at www.scottklinker.com

Vibration Table

Artists: Breanna Johnson (3D Design ’23) & Jae Song (4D Design ’23)

steel tubing, stainless steel, raw silk, sensors, tech, power cables
To Use: With a partner, place both hands on the table. Apply pressure. Your right hands sends and your left hand receives. Try to communicate something to your partner.

This table allows two sitters to send vibrations to each other across the table surface as nonverbal communication. Pressure sensors under the right hand allow users to send vibrations to the other person’s left hand, enabling them to explore new ways to communicate and interpret information.

Breanne Johnson is an artist and self-taught new designer living and working in Detroit, Michigan. She holds Bachelor of Art degrees in Visual Art and Political Science from the University of Chicago. Born in California, Breanne shares citizenship with the United States and the island country Curaçao. Her design work focuses on phenomenological home items and furniture that examines our relationship to the social and physical spaces we inhabit. She enjoys thinking about the home, broadly, as an ever-changing and malleable space. As both an artist and designer, Breanne identifies strongly as a creative problem solver, and grapples with a diverse range of problems through a diverse range of media; she has been, and remains, a carpenter, a painter, a filmmaker, a performance artist, a host, a landscape artist, a space-maker, a clothing designer, a printmaker, a metalworker, a ceramicist, a sculptor, a writer, an archaeologist, a cook and a sandwich artist. She would like her various projects and investigations to grant her the freedom to play. She has exhibited work at Logan Center Exhibitions, Detroit Is The New Black, and in the 2021 Cranbrook Chair Show. Breanne recently participated in Chop Wood Carry Water residency in northern Illinois. Currently an MFA candidate in the 3D Design Department at Cranbrook Academy of Art, Breanne is slated for graduation in 2023.
Learn more about the artist at www.breanneijohnson.com
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Jae Song is an installation artist exploring liminal spaces in the physical, emotional, and spiritual, using new technologies to reinterpret and reimagine traditional rituals.
Learn more about the artist at www.jaesongbk.com.
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The Vibration

Artist: Di Chai (4D Design ’23)

Di Chai is a UX designer, born in China. She focuses on new tech experience in communication, efficiency, finance, and health, and researches media interaction and invention. Di graduated as one of the top three Chinese Language majors in China with a bachelor’s degree, and is currently studying 4D Design at Cranbrook Academy of Art. As a full-stack designer, Di has a rich cross-industry experience. She has been engaged in branding design, visual design, UI design, and UX design. She is good at solving complex designing problems. When she faces those troubles, she is skilled at using powerful thinking tools, such as design thinking, speculative design, and storytelling disciplines. Di has served with JBL, Dayu DPU, Southeast Wood, Southeast Ecology, Zhide, Scibot Tech, Shengda, Shixiang Tech, Rendanruoju Fund and other enterprises. Di’s gorgeous and creative work has saved her clients lots of time and money, achieving visual and commercial success. Her work successfully helped Shixiang Technology Co., Ltd. complete their project financing, and she helped Mianzhuwu solve problems related to brand upgrading.
Learn more about the artist at dichai.design
Follow Di on Instagram: @claudiachai1