Highlights from Ken Krayer

I was excited when I first heard about the addition of the 4D program at Cranbrook.

I have been following the work emerging from the new 4D program. The students have embraced social media, so it’s pretty easy to follow the work remotely.

Two works of particular interest to me are the mobile construction display by Steven Kuypers that is displayed outside the museum for the show. I’m always a fan of a good re-contextualization, especially on the Cranbrook grounds. The other is Sijie Li’s Emotional Hat. The focus on creating experiential desire worked for me. Also, I love food!

Emotional Hat, 2020
Jerry Li
Steven Kuypers
Collaboration with Caroline Del Giudice & David Valencia
Silent messenger II mobile construction display
Performance documentation

About Ken Krayer

Passionate about how people interact with one another, with things and with places—Ken Krayer is an outspoken advocate for design education, innovation and design management. Ken builds fires in the bellies of his steamboats and affective teams alike.

Ken holds an MFA in Design from Cranbrook Academy of Art with a focus on furniture, product and interior design and a BS in Art Eduction from Edinboro Unitersity of Pennsylvania. He has Director of Design positions at Haworth, Inc., Steelcase, Inc. and A+O Studio. Ken has taught at Collecte for Creative Studies and currently teaches at Kendall College of Art and Design/Design West Michigan.