Highlights from Natalie Wadlington

It’s been great to see the breadth of conversations explored by the Cranbrook painting class of 2021! The artists have well-developed, unique voices that engage ideas both varied and overlapping.

The works of Sylvain Malfroy-Camine, Maura Latty, and Lindy Shewbridge explore the expanded field of painting through installations that conjure brilliantly optical, organic forms. Ian McLaughlin’s material explorations are vibrant and playfully narrative, while Isabelle McCormick’s richly painted works weave pop culture imagery into a deep understanding of Art History. Brach Tiller’s works are similarly steeped in the history of painting while simultaneously exploring contemporary aesthetics and materials. His undulating forms feel similar to the work of Lindsey Lively’s paintings of writhing, contorted bodies. After a year of loneliness and heartache, Clara Nulty’s contemplative watercolors of pandemic life echo the sentiments of thoughtfulness, sensitivity, and care that I see in all eight of these artists’ rigorous practices. 

About Natalie Wadlington

Natalie Wadlington (b. 1992) is currently based in East Texas. Born in Modesto, California, she completed her MFA from Cranbrook Academy of Art in May of 2020. She was a resident fellow at Ox-Bow School of Art and Artist Residency in 2019, has had her work featured in publications such as New American Paintings, and has shown in exhibitions both nationally and internationally. 

Her practice consists of paintings based in story-telling and figuration. They are specific metaphors which communicate larger, archetypal narratives of love, conflict, and misunderstanding, specifically in our relationship to animals. In the paintings, characters come together in symbolic scenes which mirror our own complex struggles for mutual understanding.

Natalie Wadlington, Painting ’20